The Quergeist.net page is about embodied and shared thinking. It collects a ring or selection of people who lived across or in-between, more often as one of the "others" - one of the different or sometimes even "difficult" people, the people outside of the box.
The main idea and focus of quergeist info is to feature individuals which contributed immensely in an altruistic sense, not just for themselves by being engaged generalist, people from "out of the box" and not in the public focus.
People which are "scheduled" for being featured include:

Michael D. Gwynne, Peter Vail Carleton, Nadia Saad, Frederick Mayer, Arno Peters, Wolf Tietze, Jim Gibson, Peter Menke-Glückert, Helmut Krauch, Elmar Zorn, Felix Unger, Reginald Foeldy, (the book!), Anthony Judge, Alf Ammon (Friendensuniversitaet), Georg Schweisfurth Giesela und Georg von Canal, Michael von Gagern, David McBryde, Sigurd Bergmann, Benjamin Barber, Eric Schneider, Helmut Burkhart, Julia Morton-Marr, Konrad Kutt, Torsten Schramm, Ruediger Lutz, Albert Speer, Frieder Lauxmann, Cop Macdonald, Friedrich Strauch, Eva Quistorp, Merete Mattern, Marilyn Wilhelm, Siegfried Pater, Sohail Inayatulla, Franz Nahrada, Jakob von Uexkuell, Alexander Christakis, Hazel Henserson, Claus Biegert, Stanley Krippner, Ervin Laszlo, Johannes Heimrath, Lara Malien, Farah Lenser, Peer Zickgraf, ....

In Memoriam: Christian de Laet James Wellesley-Wesley Hans A. Fischer-Barnicol Holger Paetow Alfred Schinz Jozef Rotblat John N. Warfield Hans Jonas Robert Jungk Elisabeth Mann-Borgese Willis Harman Graefin Nora Herberstein Wien, Luise Rinser, Mark Davidson, Mohamed Kassas, Manfred und Arnold Graf Keyserlink, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan Panetics Göranson David *** F. Salisbury Rupert Riedl Werner Thaerichen und Graefin Kienlin (Delphi games), Stephen Jay Kline Werner Kunz, Horst Rittel, Merete Mattern Lynton K. Caldwell Ralph G. H. Siu Herbert Stachowiak

The list will be extended and soon moved into a WIKI formate - so please stay tuned and see orbituaries and more about these late friends: a person I really liked the nmoment I saw him, learned to appreciate and honour and want have him stand out here: Walter. I have met him in 2007 in New York at the Teilhard de Chardin Society event. Walter J. Bogan. As something of this quality and depth is rarly available for a person to meet personally. I feel he is a good example of what I mean by "quergeist" and here I would love to add "Deepgeist" and Do&Sharegeist" - if that is not too ambitious...  Anyway we have no words for such "out-of-the-box" personalities, such lateral/cross-over persons. Please see his profile and key concerns. and maybe visit also www.9-d.org and www.in-betweener.org or www.deepworlds.org.

Featrure will include a short synopsis including their contribution by being different, difficult, "other", alien, or just "in-between".
The idea of this page is to give examples for young people in order to show that being a generalist and contributing to something bigger is possible and in education we should look for "star-high" goals.


Marilyn Wilhelm - see above - is presently on world tour - see her schedule in Berlin, s,a, , India, China,...

See also Quergeist.info

References to the author and web-master Heiner Benking can ge found at his BLOG http://quergeist.info/ and or at his "home" homepage benking.de. He recommends his sites: 9-d, in-betweener, 21stcentruryagora, weturn, and ourfields !!

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